How Has India’s Political System Ignored Its Youth

Exposing the disadvantages of living in a autocratic country.

India is a country of growth. India’s civilization has been full of culture and tradition since the ancient times. The aspects of Indian’s tradition have been widening ever since then. It was not long ago that we, as Indian citizens, were declared free from the British rule. The freedom that we possess has been stated by our own political system. Many Indians have helped modern politicians shape the constitution of this country. The rules written in the constitution have helped us understand our basic rights and duties, whether it is a minor or an adult.

India has one of the largest proportions of population in the younger age groups in the world. 35.3% of the population of the country has been in the age group 0–14 years. 41% of the population account for less than 18 years of age. The youth of India holds a lot of power and courage. In the past decade, we have seen our youth raise voices against the unjust and exploitative actions of the political system. The “Nirbhaya’’ case was one of the acts that triggered a sense of humanity in the youth of India. They stood up for their rights and raised their voices for the victim to gain justice under the law. This shows that these youngsters have the power to turn the corrupt government’s actions and change them for the better but this is not possible as the current political system of India has stopped the youth from reaching their full potential.

Indians have always been respectful to their elders. That does not mean that we have the right to make a 50 year-old decide on what the future holds for us. Indian politics allow an individual to join a political party after the age of 25. This is totally unacceptable when it comes to listening to what teenagers have to say. Joining politics from the age of 25 rules out the possibility of hearing the voices of youngsters. The lack of representation of younger minds in the political system makes it ignorant and conservative. Most of the awareness campaigns, protests and petitions are held by teenagers who feel that standing up for their own rights is a truthful thing to do and they are not wrong when it comes to such a mindset but not having political representation will suppress their new and fresh notions. Thousands of debates happen between Indian politicians regarding the topic of Ayodhya. They think that arguing on whether a mosque or a temple should be built on a piece of land is more important than fighting for the female rights.

Young leaders are more enthusiastic and broad-minded than old, conservative politicians. They can address issues that are actually relatable to a larger audience and the world, in general. The loathe youngsters portray when Indian politicians don’t take action towards topics like rape, female rights, female infanticide, LGBTQ+ rights, equality, education and more is really encouraging. The corruption and malpractices that politicians conduct can be completely eliminated if these teenagers take a stand for it. Such an approach can change the old and conservative mindset, not of the Indian politicians only but also of Indians, in general.

United Kingdoms is one such country that provides the opportunity for young minds to join and change the future of the political system and the country at the age of 18. If they can legalize eighteen to be the age to join politics, hy do we feel the need to stand back?

Not only are the politicians refusing to give a chance to youngsters, the youngsters themselves back out from such a toxic environment. Only 6% of the leaders and ministers of India are below the age of 25. Students, nowadays, go abroad to complete their studies in public administration or political science rather than staying in India and doing so. This is because they know that there is no scope in continuing their studies over here just to join corrupt mindsets with no possible future. This dangerous field is unpredictable. There is no job guarantee and the amount of risk that politicians have to take to stand against other parties is really petrifying. The reputation of a politician is stamped with “black money” written in bold, black letters and it is true at some point. The nepotism and partiality that leads to corruption is also terrifying as new leaders have no chance of standing against someone who is already backed by his/her father. Money laundering, bribery and murder are just the headlines of every day’s news for Indian politicians. Long-term loyalty and honesty leads to pin-pointing of the innocent.

All these threats are the reason why parents don’t send their wards to a field like politics. The youth also aren’t bold enough as they already know what happens behind the curtains and the end result — it would be young adults keeping away from this area of opportunity and goons laundering money into their pockets.

Now, that leaves us with the endless circle of ignorance of the politicians and suffering of the youth. There is still hope for India and many other countries like India to be a part of the world revolution, only if all of us stand together and take part in the rebellious mutiny against the so-called ‘politicians’ who care more about civics than civilians.

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